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Pineapple Pink

Purple Passion Honey Marshmallows

Purple Passion Honey Marshmallows

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Naturally purple from organic purple sweet potato and sweet by nature with local raw honey and organic passion fruit! 🐝

💜 Add to your coffee and tea for a delicious purple grass fed gelatin froth and light sweetness.

💜 Roast them over the fire. 🔥

💜 Melt them down and make purple rice crispy treats!


*Each pack contains 8 Marshmallows 


Raw New Jersey Honey, Water, 100% U.S.A. Non-GMO Grass-fed Beef Gelatin, Organic Purple Sweet Potato, Organic Passion Fruit, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Cinnamon, Non-GMO Organic Tapioca Starch.


We are currently not set up for shipping. This is a huge goal for our company in the future!  You can find our products at New Jersey farmers' market. We also have a selection of our products for sale at  Arctic Foods,  Beradu Market, Hayeks Market and Dutch Hill Farm Market and Meat Shoppe .

Thank you for your patience and continued support!


We are dedicated to using locally sourced, hormone, and antibiotic free raised animals. 

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Fruity Bone Broth Ice Pops - Pineapple Pink

Try Making a Chocolate Mushroom Bone Broth Smoothie!!

Check out this amazing recipe below!!

  • Take your fruity bone broth Ice pops and make a protein smoothie! This recipe calls for one Chocolate Mushroom ice pop!

    🍫 1 each - chocolate mushroom ice pop
    🍌 1 each - banana peeled
    💦 1/2 cup of water
    🧊 1 cup of crushed ice or cubes
    🌿 1/4 cup parsley leaves (packed)

    This is sooo delicious in the morning!! We add a little green tea matcha powder for some extra antioxidants and energy. You can also replace the parsley with any greens you like! 😊

  • Image of Chocolate Mushroom Fruity Bone Broth Smoothie With Beautiful Edible Flowers

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